East County Self Defense Classes

Choy Li Fut

Dating back over 2,000 years to the Shaolin Temple, kung fu is one of the oldest and most effective forms of self-defense. Monks practiced kung fu not only as a means of self-protection, but as a form of health improvement. Since that time, kung fu has spread all over the world with hundreds of different styles and millions of practitioners.

White Dragon teaches a powerful style of kung fu called Choy Li Fut (Choy Lee Fut, Choy Lay Fut). It is is one of the fastest growing styles of kung fu worldwide because of its unique versatility. Combining the advanced hand techniques of Southern styles with quick agile footwork found in Northern Styles, Choy Li Fut is one of the world’s most complete and well balanced systems of martial arts. Choy Li Fut incorporates all aspects of fighting from the Shaolin Temple including San Da, Chin Na, ground fighting and weapons training. The Shaolin Temple is considered to be the birthplace of Asian martial arts. In fact, many popular styles of martial arts including karate, tae kwon do and jiu-jitsu have Shaolin origins. Learn more about the history of Choy Li Fut Kung Fu.

White Dragon is one of the few schools in the country that teaches the complete Choy Li Fut Kung Fu system. Our students become experts at kicking, striking, throwing, and grappling. They also learn to use joint locks and pressure points as well as practical weapons, so that if confronted on the street they know exactly what to do to stop an opponent.

Tai Chi

Famous for its graceful and gently flowing movements, Tai Chi emphasizes calming the mind and releasing mental and physical tension. A few minutes a day spent performing Tai Chi will help prevent stress-induced illnesses like high blood pressure, digestive problems, and heart disease. Through regular practice, Tai Chi also improves balance, flexibility, coordination and leg strength. Tai Chi can also be practiced as a martial art complete with self-defense techniques.

The Tai Chi program at White Dragon is one of the most comprehensive and authentic in the country because we teach the complete Yang style Tai Chi system. Our students not only learn how to meditate and do the movements correctly, but they learn push-hands and the self-defense aspect of the art as the original founders of Tai Chi intended. Learn more about the history of Tai Chi.

Combative Arts

White Dragon’s Combative Arts training is the ideal way to build your fitness level while learning some of the same techniques used by martial artists. Because the training combines a wide variety of techniques, it’s a full body workout that strengthens the core, burns calories, and improves muscle tone. Our classes will not only dramatically improve your physical fitness, but also provide a fun, high-energy workout that safely sharpens your reflexes.

White Dragon’s Combative Arts program is based on San Da, a Chinese “free fighting” hand-to-hand self-defense system used by the Chinese military to improve empty handed fighting skills. The program also contains weapons training and submission grappling to form a complete fighting arts program. We place an importance on the development of real world fighting ability that’s effective in the ring and on the street. So whether you want to get into better shape or hone your skills for competition, these classes are a perfect complement to your training routine.